Saturday, 9 March 2013

Always make time for relaxation

lovely relaxing evening with friends
All my life I have struggled with relaxation. I have always felt guilty if I am not doing something. There was always a reason to keep my mind busy so I didn't dwell on other things.

It reminds me of how you feel directly after examinations when you have been revising so much you find it difficult to cope with the change and relax when they are over. The minute I complete a task or come away from an event I am straight on to the next thing. I know I drive my friends insane with my organisation as much as I do my husband. The thing is I am so grateful for the time I am given I hate to waste it.

Everything we have including our time is a gift from God and therefore it is up to us to use it wisely, make the most of it and as we go honour him.

I spent time studying Hosea and James this week in preparation for two studies next week. Great direction  from James on how to live out our lives and reminders in Hosea what happens if we don't live according to God's word. Keep an eye on the right side of my blog for studie coming up you are welcome to join in as well as coffee and craft.

 Despite having only learnt crochet recently I was determined to start a project in interlocking crochet after I seen completed items made by Hilary from my Thursday morning art class. I had taried on, making many errors but through them I began to understand the pattern. I became so familiar with it I decided it was best to unravel my practice piece which had so many errors and start again. Now familiar I was able to continue on and listen to some audiobooks as I progressed. I am using a very cheap acrylic wool which is machine washable but it feels lovely and soft and with the two reversible layers it also feels like it will drape well.

interlocking crochet
I understand the importance of rest and relaxation so that we can keep going. God rested on the 7th day as an example to each of us, it's not that he needed to rest.(Genesis) One of the commandments was to keep the Sabbath day. (Exodus)We are reminded time and time again that we need rest and relaxation. In order to do this I make appointments for myself to rest or take time out otherwise I wouldn't be able to
keep going. Time to reflect, refocus and remind myself having God first everything else will fall into place.
Wendy's album

This week I had lots of plans for work so I made sure I slotted in lots of naps and times to do nothing important. Wendy was working away on her scrapbooking during coffee and craft and we decided to spend some time decorating the outside of her album. Scrapbooking can be an expensive hobby despite the idea of using scraps but you can still pick up inexpensive supplies and add some decor to cheer them up a bit. This acid and lignum free album cost £5 compared to many 12 x 12 albums that range from £20-60. After all it is what is in the album that is really important, the photographs and journalling that hold the memories.
I have no photos of my  art class this week as it was more of a skills session on colour. I say time and time again how frightened I am of colour and feel more confident with drawing as I always fear the colour will ruin it. Julie is always much more positive about it. We did a lot of colour mixing to form a chart for future reference. I wasn't too excited about it but then we rarely are excited about the beginnings of things, we all want to have the perfect end product without the trial and error it takes to get there. I did moan a bit but given the choice I would have done it anyway as would hate to risk missing something that could be of benefit. After all the teacher knows what she is doing and is always right.

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