Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Family, past, present and future

This is something that we are neglecting more and more. It is becoming a 24hr a day world where no one is expected to take time out. I am very fortunate to be employed where there is a family friendly policy on annual leave. however this doen't always work when your husband's employer doesn't have the same policy or the understanding for organised leave. Most families today both parents work so organised leave is even more important to allow families to connect and set example of how family life should be.

We find ourselves scheduling time so our dog has quality time!!! I have been interested in family history as far as I can remember. The past fascinates me and helps me appreciate the life I have today. If I were to go back 100yrs it would be my ideal era. I would be happy as a lady not to have important decisions to make other than whether I should lift my embroidery or lace. Then decide which nanny or cook to hire or fire.

From what I have learned so far from the 4 lines of my family this certainly wasn't the case. The majority were linen workers which meant long hours and poor conditions. Others were farm labourers and shipyard workers. The women had many pregnancies and lost many children  to diseases at a young age only to reach the age of 30 or 40 to find themselves widows. It was work, sleep and scrape together enough money for food and heat. In some cases women were not respected and many illegitimate kids were hid or rushed marriages to disguise such. just so long as everything looked good in front of the neighbours that was all that mattered.

I am still researching the family names Austin, Russell, Best, Brown, Mcfall, Finn and McClean. I got very excited yesterday after spending a few hours in Seagoe grave yard when I found the headstone for cousins and uncle of my grandfather. I was even more excited to discover it was a newish headstone and had been used as recently as 1999 so there are relatives around the Portadown area I am yet to find.
Mum and I had a lovely meal at Stonebridge which was really welcoming after our wanderings.

When we understand our past it helps us deal with the present which in turn brings hope for the future.

I have spent a little time with my interlocking crochet this week but did quite a bit of studying so no other crafts. Some other items by Sian at coffee and craft.

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