Saturday, 2 March 2013

Getting back to normal

It took me two weeks getting my appetite back, I so missed the Indian food. I also had great difficulty getting over jetlag. I was constantly tired taking naps as waves of exhaustion came over me.

we baked some gingerbread men

Kiltonga duck pond

 Little Miss K was back for her weekly visits and my art classes resumed as normal with the Thursday girls.
denim skirt in pencil
green apples on green napkins in water colour (not finished)

colour pencil
Slowly but surely I got back into routine. I really needed the exercise so back to my yoga and walks with the dogs.

Julie with the girls at Helen's tower
Smudge's friend minnie

thrown on the wheel
Coffee and craft not back to full swing yet but I had a day throwing pottery, something I have always wanted to try and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
made on a mould

pedestal thrown on the wheel

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