Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Indoors and outdoors

"Now that's what I call fun"
It's been a great week despite the bitter cold weather and flurries of snow. Housework up to date with lots of meals and treats cooked and froze for busier days.

Time for friends to call for coffee+ craft and time to get out and about. Julie, the girls and I thoroughly enjoyed our walk around the old lead mines at Whitespots country park. Of course anywhere Smudge can get covered in mud is fun!!!
"I do like the shower, really"

Liz who I am sure now is addicted to bags has started making another but it is so pretty.

Last week in art we worked with water colour. Any form of colour scares me but I really enjoyed it even though I would need a number of hours to finish it.
I am sticking with my interlocking crochet at the moment but so many other crafts I need to get back to.

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