Thursday, 28 March 2013

Irish Springtime

at work
It has been quite a week weatherwise. I do think the wind was worse than the snow as we have had it worse in the past. Travelling at less than 20mph whilst working is not very efficient but all many of us could do during the worst of it.

view from our sitting room 1st day of snow

Smudge wasn't too keen either needing a little push to go out before her bladder burst. she hadn't been groomed since Oct/Nov time so despite the weather she had a haircut.


Nice time to sit indoors at the fire and craft though so quite a bit done. I also managed to get some spring cleaning done as well. It has been a long time since I went near my miniatures but rearranged my display case and applied some brick slips to my dollhouse.

I was so tired this morning but pushed myself as my art class is always so relaxing I knew it was what I needed.


 I had planned to finish last weeks water colour but when I got there I wanted to start something else. I love drawing best so delighted to start with that .I think I will do the pears in colour pencil though...if I do finish it!!!

todays art

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