Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Art and the Titanic

It was Thursday so Jen and Margaret were invited along to meet the Thursday girls and have some tuition from Julie. Their bananas were wonderful and I got to finish the painting that I started the week before.


Jen and I went to the Titanic exhibition in the afternoon while Margaret continued with her art using colour pencil following on from her watercolour bananas.

I think I have watched and read so much over the years about the titanic that I didn't find it that exciting but jen and I both agreed the background information as to what else was going on around that time such as the linen industry was very interesting. many of our ancestors worked in the linen industry and were very much working class so times were tough then.

A quick tour of the Crown bar and then we had a lovely meal in the Hippodrome restaurant of the Opera House which was so handy then to the show. The Sound of Music by St Agnes choral society was excellent. A lovely end to a very busy day.

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