Monday, 29 April 2013

Crafting and Kiwoko

There isn't a better time shared than crafting with friends and making new friends in the process. Coffee+craft gives ladies an opportunity to make new friends with a similar interest.

Rebekah's knitting
Wendy's cot quilt

 We all enjoy various crafts and enjoy passing on our ideas and skills. A little donation for tea and coffee provided will go a long way in helping others less fortunate than ourselves in Kiwoko,Uganda. The ladies are all very enthusiastic and are producing some lovely items from knitting and crochet to hand and machine stitching.

Sarah's finished tie backs



Bags seem to be very popular at the moment, not sure if it is anything to do with the governments new charges on plastic bags!!

Weather appears to be improving at times but not bad enough to keep us indoors, as much as I would love to sit and craft all day exercise calls
Miss K and I between showers

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