Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Jen and Margaret are here, especially to see Smudge of course!!!

Lots of hugs and tears as family re unite with Joy. Smudge of course assumes as always they are here just for her and absorbs as much attention as she can. The open top hop-on-hop-off bus tour of Belfast was excellent as always. A quick trip around nearby sites in Ards and Bangor then a day down the Antrim coast.


 It couldn't have rained any harder as we approached Carrickfergus Castle but it didn't dampen the visit and from there onward the skies cleared. lovely views as we travelled along but we opted to pic nic in the car none the less for fear we'd be blown across to Donegal.

Smudge had front seat as usual but got to have a nap when we got to the Giant's Causeway. We hadn't been since the new visitors centre which is amazing how it hides in the landscape. It was still very windy but the rain stayed away.


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