Sunday, 19 May 2013

Art and Craft whatever the weather

I always get a boost of energy coming up to holiday time and now I have 10 days leave with lots of things to do. With the ironing done I am guilt free to indulge myself in even more craft. This week we have had sunshine and showers and its hard to know each day what the weather will be.

I decided to make some small things for our craft stall for Kiwoko so I finished a pair of bootees and started a first size jumper. I am still waiting on wool to complete my interlocking crochet blanket before I start another. An ideal interest sitting indoors crochetting or knitting whilst the rain pours down outside.

 Julie and I had a lovely day having a look around Stormont Castle and drawing in the gardens.


National drawing day was spent by Julie hosting a drawing morning in the University of Ulster. A fun time for those who had experience and those who didn't.

 I decided on drawing one of the busts starting with his brooch, maybe I will finish it this week

Lunch out with friends in the Mac then  some craft shopping. We used the park and ride which took us a while to work out. However what we didnt know was that there were two buses and we chose the wrong one so we had a mystery tour and landed back to where we started. We waited another 10mins for the right bus as it poured down!!!

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