Thursday, 9 May 2013

Creative Moments

 Coffee+craft this week I decided to make a cushion cover I had wanted to do for over a year using fabrics and buttons I had for many more years. Thinking of making some of my own buttons shortly.I also started some boottees for a charity sale coming up in June. I had almost finished my interlocking crochet blanket when I ran out of wool. Fortunately I have managed to get more wool online.

Sea lion at Holywood

 I took advantage of the one summerlike day this week and took Smudge to the beach with Julie and Minnie. A sea lion was basking on a rock but unfortunately as I got closer it dived into the sea.

The weather turned around completely so Miss K and I had a day inside and very appropriately watched Balamory episode about rain. As we learned about reflections we made an umbrella, puddle and a hand mirror.

1st attempt
2nd attempt
Two art classes this week which was great since I have got my energy back. Guess who I was trying to draw

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