Sunday, 9 June 2013

Avondale. and Avoca

Another wonderful day of sunshine. I rose early and started knitting a new childs jumper with mermaid blue toned wool. The minute I came downstairs there was a peacock staring in at me. Nice good morning greeting. He stayed there for at least 30mins much to Smudge's disgust!!!!

Avondale House
We started out for the day first of all to pay the toll we had used coming down. How inconvenient to have a toll you can't pay on the roadside. there was a sign to give the phone number but how are you meant to write that down whilst driving along with no warning or anywhere to stop. It had to be paid by 2000hrs this evening. This isn't very good for tourists but eventually we found a Centra where we could pay. We went to Avondale House and forest park.


We took the pinehill trail then had our picnic and relaxed in the sun. I did some knitting, J sunbathed and Smudge lay in the shade. I took some time out myself to tour the house that was lived in by the Parnells. A plain home but then it was just their summerhouse!!! Extremely grand compared to my abode. I brought an ice pop for Smudge and I but although she enjoyed it initially she spat it out when she discovered I had got J ice cream as that is her favourite!!


We then took the Exotic tree trail followed by the River trail. Smudge decided at one point it was time she was carried. there was quite a mix of plant life and shrubs even redwoods and sequoias that are native to California. We almost felt we were back on the trails of Yosemite.

We drove up to Avoca mill and had a browse around the shop and neighbouring countryside. It was much smaller than I expected and less on sale than you find in Belfast.



Back to base and after our meal we took a walk around the yard and down to the pond. The land our cottage is on is full of life from donkeys, and horses to rabbits and ducks as well as a few geese and the peacock of course.Smudge was extremely jealous of any attention given to any of the other animals.



 Well off now to prepare for the last lesson in James for my precept group at home.

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