Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Enniscorthy and Wexford

We were greeted by our resident peacock this morning yet again. he was really showing off this morning pushing out his chest and fanning his feathers for about 30mins. He leaves Smudge mesmerised as she has never seen anything like it especially first thing in the morning. It wasn't long before I could hear the donkey's braying and when I ignored the peacock he called out to us.
Smudge mesmerised by peacock


A wet morning but time to go further afield so a visit to Enniscorthy. The rain was only a missle so no real hassle. Smudge and J waited when I went in and out of shops.

Enniscorthy Castle
 Yesterday on one occasion whilst they sat on the window ledge waiting for me one guy came up to J and offered him 2 euro to go get himself some lunch. he then had to state he wasn't begging with his dog just waiting for his wife!!!!

On to Wexford town centre where we were fortunate to find another restaurant where we could eat outside and have Smudge with us.

We never leave Smudge tied outside a shop but the tourist information centre was on the harbour and post at the door so there she sat until she managed to get herself out of her harness and walk into the centre to meet us. The ladies on the reception had been watching her and thought it was so amusing they invited her to stay a while.
Johnstown Castle
Further down the road we visited Johnstown Castle and walked around the lakes, ruins and statues before returning back to our cottage.


Here Lily rushed in to greet us and help Smudge eat her tea before she curled up on Smudge's bed and went to sleep. Smudge didnt mind as she had a sofa to herself.

Smudge and Lily

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