Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Gorey and Courtown

It rained all night and this morning there was so much fog we couldn't see the entrance gates to our lane. However this did not hold us back as we decided we would go to Gorey. It had the loveliest little quaint shops rather than the usual chain stores and the people so friendly. I bought one ball of wool and some bamboo needles. We had lunch at joanne's which was perfect as we could sit outside so that Smudge could join us.

We travelled on a few miles to Courtown forest park where we did a few of the trails before going to the harbour area and beach.

Courtown forest


Courtown harbour

We also went to Ballymoney north and south beaches. No rain all day and a warm breeze on the beach.


  1. gorgeous! I've never known dogs to be allowed in a coffee shop, how marvelous!!

  2. This is actually outside wuth a wind barrier around.