Thursday, 13 June 2013

Wells House and Gardens

Raining!!!! but it started and stopped throughout the day so it didn't stop us on our travels.

View from our gated entrance

Wells house and gardens is just opened a year coming in July. It has a very interesting history and lots more to be done by the present owners in the future to open up even more to the public.

The trail walk was interesting with a few more interests added since first mapped out by lady Francis. I think Smudge enjoyed the wishing well best.

or maybe it was meeting the farmyard friends.



We managed to have our picnic outside before we went on the house tour. The first house visit I have ever had when you were requested to make yourself at home touch if you choose and sit on the furniture.



Every evening I have knitted and crochetted.
mercerised cotton cardigan for me

sleeve for baby cardigan

cardigan age 9-12mth

after a long day.....

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