Friday, 26 July 2013

...and the warm weather continues

Another busy week out and about enjoying the sunshine but enough breeze to make it a little more comfortable for Smudge. She had a great walk with Julie, Minnie and I this morning at Redburn despite being lifted straight from her bed. She isn't an early riser so i thought a 0900hrs walk maybe problematic but as it was Minnie and her led the way.
Jackie's bag from recycling denims

I am continuing with my crochet as have about 5 weeks to get it finished. The ladies are still hooked on bag making !!! Gill was making a bracelet whilst Sharon continued with her fimo modelling of which she has made some lovely items she can use as embellishments.

Liz's bag from recycling denims

Miss K and I went to Bangor swimming pool, with some friends,which was a first for me although not for her. I even managed to swim a few lengths as well as playing on slides and jumping waves with her. She definitely had much more energy and less fear than me. Afterwards we had a picnic in the walled garden which again was a first for me. The grounds are so well done  with such beautiful flowers at the moment.

We are into the 4th week of the summer study precept Bible study and it is very encouraging as everyone is  really enjoying it. We had just been discussing how important it was to be a good example in our community when I got an email through from Precept HQ posing the question 'What could you do in your community?' God's timing is perfect and some times quite humorous.

Before we know it we will be starting our Precept PUP studies again and I will be hosting 3 this autumn details to right of blog and spaces available.

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