Thursday, 18 July 2013

Loving this summer

J's home made strawberry ice cream
Some days are just too hot to be outside but it's lovely to have the option. This week I have just enjoyed having the door open and popping in and out with Smudge.  In this weather we tend to snack more than have a main meal but still like our bakes for supper and friends who call by. Third week of our summer Precept Bible study and everyone getting to know each other by now, quite a noisy bunch at coffee time.

Jaffa Ganache

oatmeal cookies
We took a drive down to killinchy and called in with Carolyn to thank her for her wonderful Elderflower cordial and Smudge had some fun with Milo. They had to be separated in the end as Smudge too much of a bully.


 Coffee and craft continued with some Christmas card making, sewing, knitting and crochet.
Marie's ripple blanket
Marie's chicken scratch

baby jacket in 4ply just finished

 I have to balance my time outside when it is very hot so Miss K and I visited the library at Ward park as well. I like my head covered but don't like hats so made Miss K a scarf so she wouldn't  feel different.

light snack with Miss K at the park
 The weather has taken it's toll on J as much harder gardening under a hot sun and harder for Smudge in her fur coat.
 We had a day out with Smudge staying at her grannies as much too hot for her to stay in the car any length of time. J and I went clay pigeon shooting which was a first for me and I was delighted to score 5 which was 2 shots more than J!!!

We also visited Springhill House in Moneymore where we did visit before but about 20yrs ago and nice to have a tour guide to ourselves.

Springhill, moneymore
 Re union with Smudge and took her to see her cousin Gismo and they had great time exploring auntie E's garden together.



 At art last week i chose to work in colour pencil as I feel i really need to practise more
feathers in colour pencil


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