Thursday, 22 August 2013

August the busiest month of my year

My house is constant this month with folk staying. I just love the company and the varying age groups that pass through. I just received a lovely photograph of Anna's cushion finished. When she left here she just had blanket stitch to finish around her letters. I wonder what she will make next year on her visit.

Such a difference then from 3 young girls to having my friend's son who is basically an adult. The house was so quiet you could hear a pin drop even Minnie his dog and companion to Smudge was so quiet. Other than baking and cooking I have managed to get some knitting done just so I can clear some projects up and feel less guilty starting new ones!!!

My late father's cousin Gwyn Goodwin whom I found through is my next guest to come and stay.

 We are going to have a great time as I am on leave when she is here and I will be able to show her around her father's home town. She is coming from Wales but has spent many years in USA where her two sons still reside. Her father is the late Thomas Best, born in Portadown, went on to live in Scotland and spent his latter years in England. Gwyn never met her father but is delighted to now meet some of his family.

Thomas Best

Gwyn does have half sisters Olivia and Eileen Best whom we have been unable to track down yet. They may still live in Scotland and will not be aware that they have her as a half sister. Gwyn's grandfather, my great grandfather was the late Samuel Best also of Portadown specifically Union st and Park road in his earlier years. He was a baker and latterly a lay preacher in the Methodist church circles. I remember him fondly as I grew up as he used to quote poems he had written to me about local characters about the town.

Samuel Best (Tommy's father)

Lily Best (nee McFall)

His wife was lily Mcfall who died, of tuberculosis, when her 3rd child May was just a baby.

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