Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Craft and Castle Espie

Anna is coming on leaps and bounds with her sewing lessons. Her tacking is so neat it puts me to shame!!!! She progressed to machine sewing today. Poppy has such determination and kept going to get her purse finished last night.

The girls had a great time again at kidzone and Anna continued with her Esther study. We had a picnic at Castle Espie and ended up spending 4 hrs there as there was so much to see and do.



Such a large variety of birds which we got the chance to feed with bird seed purchased at the centre. We took the Horrible Histories talk and walk which was so interesting as he took us from neolithic up through to Victorian and present day showing the girls some artefacts found by archaeologists on the site.


The climbing wall was a big attraction as well as the stoat play area and the swamp walk.

I am not one for bird watching but we spotted a heron from one of the look outs. We saw it fish for an eel and struggle with it. It swallowed it on 4 occasions when we could see it struggle in it's throat and get out again before eventually seeing the heron stretch out and swallow with no sign of any further struggle. To repeat Lucy's favourite word at the moment it was AMAZING to see.

Heron struggles with an eel
After tea Anna continued on her sewing and Poppy and Lucy made snow globes


Lucy's globe
Poppy and her globe

then time to relax

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  1. Another fun filled day. I bet Poppy was thrilled to see the heron! I love those snow globes.The park looks like great fun Anna. I bet you enjoyed the climbing wall.

    Enjoy your coffee!!!!!