Sunday, 4 August 2013

It's been a busy week and now the girls are here

Jazz at Mountstewart is a pleasant afternoon even though we had to take shelter momentarily for a thunderstorm!!!

The summer Bible study continues as well as coffee +craft. Big thanks to those who donated to Kiwoko through the events at no.55 as we raised £87.39 for the month of July.  the Autumn Bible studies are filling up but always room for more check details on the left.
Gillian's fimo

Sian's brooch

Sian's brooch
My scrapbooking

Wendy's cot quilt

J is delighted with his summer flowers around his new bird house and his window boxes which thanksfully are not there all year round as they really reduce the light into the house.


The girls are here and it is as if they were together yesterday. They are growing up fast and so much more independent. It's amazing how little I need to do for them!!!

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