Monday, 5 August 2013

Kidzone starts and Sewing lessons for Anna

I was awoke at 2330hrs not by the girls but by the neighbour screaming at her kids to get to sleep. then 5am awoke again and not by the girls but by Smudge who decided she needed to go outside to do her business. there was no chance of sleeping in as that was me wide awake. Poppy and Lucy were dropped off to kid zone whilst J and I took Anna shopping then home to start her sewing project.


We started by making some fabric letters for her name using bondaweb so drawing,cutting and ironing. Then we moved on to pinning and tacking the hem for the back of her cushion.

 We even managed some time to start the children's precept version of Esther which Anna felt was much more fun than other studies she has done in the past.

Before we knew it, it was time for us to pick up the girls again. Then home for lunch before making some  name plates.

Smudge was taken for a walk then it was time for a movie. Last night it was Beethoven and this afternoon was Annie.
After tea time for a trip out. First stop Bangor carnegie library followed by Bangor walled garden.

The girls did some sewing after supper

We packed quite a lot into the first day, smudge didnt take part in half of it but was exhausted.

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