Sunday, 26 January 2014

Is it possible to have too many crafts?

Anyone knows me knows I hate sitting still. I am not content unless doing at leasy two things at once. however even doing two things at once I can't keep up with projects and interests. this week i have been spending more time card making and baking. All the birthdays that need cards for the incoming year and the fact my freezer has emptied of the pre Christmas baking.

My craft room is disorganised chaos as it doubles for my preparations for my trip to kiwoko in Uganda next month. coffee and craft continues to raise funds for this worthy cause. You just dont know who or how many are likely to drop by and one lady commented this week each time she meets someone new and learns something new as well.

Hilary's crochet is amazing

 I bought myslef a little moleskin sketchbook hoping it would encourage me to draw outside of class and have completed one page so far.
drawing at home

One of these days I will also get back to my dollshouse hobby. The dollshouse gets more attention with dusting than it does throught any building work. The weather has kept me more housebound these recent weeks as not keen to take Smudge out to far and get wet risking any ailments prior to my trip.

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