Thursday, 27 February 2014

Farewell to Kiwoko

A very emotional morning saying goodbye to friends and completing some tasks. I had to barter with admin for some cello tape to apply laminates to the emergency boxes we had set up. With the help of Dr Phil I got introduced to pharmacy and was able to find after much searching adequate airways for each department.
One of my new friends whom I worked with Joy just finishing some IT training with Trevor.
A little gift from Ruth whom I also worked with which really made the tears flow. I will miss them all

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Ugandans love to learn

'Yesterday I did my last teaching session with the nursing staff on pain in palliative care which was the most difficult for me. This was primarily because of their attitude toward pain and death. Death is not a taboo subject as it is in the UK and pain is something that they suppress even in labour.
This morning a colleague and I set up emergency boxes which was something we had discussed with them at their CME. No crash team here or defibrillator so we did what we could with what they had to try and get them to take ownership of their equipment and as usual they were very enthusiastic.

This afternoon was my last craft session with the ladies. They made cards and this week there were a few kids with the mothers. Their behaviour was exemplary, not disturbing their mums from work.
Thislady appears quite talented no matter what she tries.

Oliver took my crochet to show me that she could do it too .

Shadrack enjoying all the attention
 Time to go sad farewells as I will be 
in N.Ireland for craft next Wednesday.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Community care in Uganda

Today I spent time out with the community team. The fieldworker in charge gave me some historical information on the area and how his family had suffered very hard times but thankful to have survived.

I visited a school with the fieldworker who was discussing their immediate needs where we can help with funding supplies and decisions were made. 

Of course the kids squealed with excitement (thankfully not fear) on seeing the mzunga (White woman)

Then onto an antenatal clinic where I gave some assistance in documentation and advice to mothers. Many multiple pregnancies here and some not diagnosed to as late as 37weeks. The mothers are always delighted as of course there is no concern here about the pram that has been left over in the shop or having bought just one cot.
These babies are just 6weeks coming with their parents for their first vaccines.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Enthusiastic Nursing students in Uganda

In the UK it's not a matter of "once a nurse always a nurse" which is a quote from nurse Ruth today in Kiwoko. We must maintain our registration by showing we have practised and by showing how we have updated our skills theoretically and practically. We all grumble about doing updates lectures even those that are statutory and we all ensure we get the time back, but this is Uganda
The nine nurses who came for continuing medical education today were just off duty and they will not get their time back I doubt they would even ask. They do not need to show evidence of their continuing education but they want to learn and our so enthusiastic. The topic I led today was assessing the trauma patient using ABCDE.
We had a practical session at the end on basic life support and again they were all very enthusiastic.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

To overcome the world

This was our theme at church this morning looking at Revelation ch 1-3. How important it is for us as Christians to be on our guard and aware of the work of satan and to overcome so that we can work for Christ and help others know the truth. It is known here that in some schools children are paid 1000 shillings to sit on a Moslem prayer mat.this is the equivalent to half a days pay!!!!the church service is about 2 1/2 hrs long starting at 0800hrs.
I would say I felt very much at home here. The people were very welcoming and of course the children wanted to touch a white person

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Time out Ugandan style

Friday afternoon the Mothers union met on site. A mixture of ages including breast feeding mums and grandmothers. We wee shown how to make a zebra cake and then Monica from Germany demonstrated how to keep the temperature up in her hand built oven.

One of the staff nurses, Joy was there taking notes and excited to be off for the weekend as she was going to Kampala to visit her family and back for female surgical on Monday morning. Once babies were fed during the cookery demo they went down for a nap quite happily.

Saturday is our day off and we are off to the rhino reserve.we arrived at Ziwa and it was hot.time to relax at the pool.Gideon was first in.
We had great fun in the pool and a lovely meal then we went on our trek it was amazing walking along the grassland after our briefing.the guide reassured he could read the rhino well as he knew all the signs they made before they charged and all we had to do was hide behind a tree.we were about 10m from them and it was too hot for them to do more than stand up and sit down again in a few 
Onthe way back we were forced off the road into a ditch but we didn't roll and our driver Moses managed to get us out after a lot of revving.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Work and play

Every morning we have prayer and praise and sometimes someone shares. This is at 815 so if you are at work you just drop everything and come along!!!
The pace is certainly very different here but I seem to have acclimatised well. I was at a clinic this morning that we set up in a nearby district underneath a tree. The Ugandans make very good use of the resources they have. We hung the babies from a tree to check their weight- very safe really and only one cried but I think that was more to do with my white face.  A little 3 yr old who lives with her granny as no parents clung to me most of the time and had to be carried away when I left. I showed her pictures of Smudge and she wanted to come to my house to see her. I didn't have my iPad on the field trip so can't upload those photos at the moment. We also drove along some dirt tracks to visit some patients at home.the gentleman I spent time with had TB and HIV suffering some skin irritation from treatment but no grumbles.

The health education focuses on safe water with pictures of animals and people urinating in the river further upstream to try and get across why they should boil their water. I had some one to interpret but this isn't always possible as many tribes with different lingos even the locals don't know so pictures are very useful

 A lot of young children get burns so we are advising they build their stove in a smaller mud and wattle building separate to their home to reduce is difficult to keep burns clean here and dressings not really available.with under 1 yr olds they are kept in their cot with it completely covered in cloth to keep all bugs out but older children cAnt bare to be in the dark this way. One child in the paediatric ward at the moment has burns on his face,chest one leg and one arm .this happened when a candle was knocked over and the mosquito net caught fire.despite no dressings other than Vaseline and gauze his wounds are looking good
These men are mixing cement for our new building for the fashion and tailoring course starting next month which my craft ladies at home have donated toward.


It has been fascinating to see medicine the Ugandan many ways they would put us to shame with the poor resources they have to work with. Some things that have changed in my 27 years of nursing have stood still in Uganda expense being the main cause. However no matter what I haven't heard a patient or staff member grumble. I was so welcomed to the ward and the staff eager to hear about my work at home and my life outside of it.

This is Africa

Our flights from Belfast City airport and Heathrow went to plan despite the huge amount of luggage. However in Entebbe airport we had one trolley for 24 pieces of luggage. Then it had to fit into 2 people carriers as well as the 6 of us.the response from locals here always seems to be" we can do it" maybe a phrase we should use a lot more at home"
The weather has been the hottest they have experienced recently so we have all slowed our pace dramatically. We have also discovered washing in cold water isn't so bad after all. The beds are comfy and the mosquito nets seem to be doing their job well. On the whole we couldn't be made more welcome.
The journeys between the airport and the guest house in Kampala and then onto Kiwoko went by so quickly as so much to see on the way.
We met up with friends from the trust aas well as residing missionaries. The food is so effect for my diet so I doubt I will be losing any weight.
                      Tania and Paul Baker at their home
We had a tour of the hospital and the work they do in the conditions they have is just amazing.there was a little baby that was born at 20weeks!!!!!!
The families care  and feed their patients leaving the nursing and medical staff to acute care. The little kids are always smiling as we pass alongside and one little boy below was quite excited with the haribo sweets that my colleague Valeroe had donated for my trip.

                                             Just born
I had a group of ladies for craft and we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and I am looking forward to having them next Wednesday for a different class

Friday, 14 February 2014

Kiwoko here I come

I doubt I will have anothe post before I return.The cases are packed, gifts ready and hopefully all my preparations will be of use. Teaching plans done which were and are my biggest anxiety!

This was my art lesson this week. My mind really wasn't on the job but managed to get something on paper in colour pencil.
I am almost finished crocheting a sun hat which I started with our Coffee&craft group this week.Jeannette spent her time embellishing a retro style dress,I just love the colours.
I may be anxious about my nurse teaching but looking forward to meeting the Wednesday craft ladies. I have card kits made for them and also some simple needle cases. They are busy ladies so hopefully they will have time for these minute makes.


Monday, 10 February 2014

Making time for art

I am always crafting at home but rarely work on my art. However I so loved this particular work I came home and couldnt stop til I was finished the following day.

 The weather was horrible so I decided to do some painting with Miss K as well. We didnt quite have the same vision though. I thought she could paint a picture for her mum and dad but she thought it was much more fun mixing the colours with her hands. her mum thought it was a masterpiece in the end anyway so everyone was happy.

Coffee + craft continues as I prepare for Kiwoko in Uganda  over £44 raised from 31st Dec-end Jan 14

Hilary's crochet

slip in progress

lots of cards made this month focus will change to x-stitch for rest of February and March