Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Community care in Uganda

Today I spent time out with the community team. The fieldworker in charge gave me some historical information on the area and how his family had suffered very hard times but thankful to have survived.

I visited a school with the fieldworker who was discussing their immediate needs where we can help with funding supplies and decisions were made. 

Of course the kids squealed with excitement (thankfully not fear) on seeing the mzunga (White woman)

Then onto an antenatal clinic where I gave some assistance in documentation and advice to mothers. Many multiple pregnancies here and some not diagnosed to as late as 37weeks. The mothers are always delighted as of course there is no concern here about the pram that has been left over in the shop or having bought just one cot.
These babies are just 6weeks coming with their parents for their first vaccines.

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