Friday, 21 February 2014

This is Africa

Our flights from Belfast City airport and Heathrow went to plan despite the huge amount of luggage. However in Entebbe airport we had one trolley for 24 pieces of luggage. Then it had to fit into 2 people carriers as well as the 6 of us.the response from locals here always seems to be" we can do it" maybe a phrase we should use a lot more at home"
The weather has been the hottest they have experienced recently so we have all slowed our pace dramatically. We have also discovered washing in cold water isn't so bad after all. The beds are comfy and the mosquito nets seem to be doing their job well. On the whole we couldn't be made more welcome.
The journeys between the airport and the guest house in Kampala and then onto Kiwoko went by so quickly as so much to see on the way.
We met up with friends from the trust aas well as residing missionaries. The food is so effect for my diet so I doubt I will be losing any weight.
                      Tania and Paul Baker at their home
We had a tour of the hospital and the work they do in the conditions they have is just amazing.there was a little baby that was born at 20weeks!!!!!!
The families care  and feed their patients leaving the nursing and medical staff to acute care. The little kids are always smiling as we pass alongside and one little boy below was quite excited with the haribo sweets that my colleague Valeroe had donated for my trip.

                                             Just born
I had a group of ladies for craft and we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and I am looking forward to having them next Wednesday for a different class

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