Saturday, 22 February 2014

Time out Ugandan style

Friday afternoon the Mothers union met on site. A mixture of ages including breast feeding mums and grandmothers. We wee shown how to make a zebra cake and then Monica from Germany demonstrated how to keep the temperature up in her hand built oven.

One of the staff nurses, Joy was there taking notes and excited to be off for the weekend as she was going to Kampala to visit her family and back for female surgical on Monday morning. Once babies were fed during the cookery demo they went down for a nap quite happily.

Saturday is our day off and we are off to the rhino reserve.we arrived at Ziwa and it was hot.time to relax at the pool.Gideon was first in.
We had great fun in the pool and a lovely meal then we went on our trek it was amazing walking along the grassland after our briefing.the guide reassured he could read the rhino well as he knew all the signs they made before they charged and all we had to do was hide behind a tree.we were about 10m from them and it was too hot for them to do more than stand up and sit down again in a few 
Onthe way back we were forced off the road into a ditch but we didn't roll and our driver Moses managed to get us out after a lot of revving.

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