Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Ugandans love to learn

'Yesterday I did my last teaching session with the nursing staff on pain in palliative care which was the most difficult for me. This was primarily because of their attitude toward pain and death. Death is not a taboo subject as it is in the UK and pain is something that they suppress even in labour.
This morning a colleague and I set up emergency boxes which was something we had discussed with them at their CME. No crash team here or defibrillator so we did what we could with what they had to try and get them to take ownership of their equipment and as usual they were very enthusiastic.

This afternoon was my last craft session with the ladies. They made cards and this week there were a few kids with the mothers. Their behaviour was exemplary, not disturbing their mums from work.
Thislady appears quite talented no matter what she tries.

Oliver took my crochet to show me that she could do it too .

Shadrack enjoying all the attention
 Time to go sad farewells as I will be 
in N.Ireland for craft next Wednesday.

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