Friday, 21 February 2014

Work and play

Every morning we have prayer and praise and sometimes someone shares. This is at 815 so if you are at work you just drop everything and come along!!!
The pace is certainly very different here but I seem to have acclimatised well. I was at a clinic this morning that we set up in a nearby district underneath a tree. The Ugandans make very good use of the resources they have. We hung the babies from a tree to check their weight- very safe really and only one cried but I think that was more to do with my white face.  A little 3 yr old who lives with her granny as no parents clung to me most of the time and had to be carried away when I left. I showed her pictures of Smudge and she wanted to come to my house to see her. I didn't have my iPad on the field trip so can't upload those photos at the moment. We also drove along some dirt tracks to visit some patients at home.the gentleman I spent time with had TB and HIV suffering some skin irritation from treatment but no grumbles.

The health education focuses on safe water with pictures of animals and people urinating in the river further upstream to try and get across why they should boil their water. I had some one to interpret but this isn't always possible as many tribes with different lingos even the locals don't know so pictures are very useful

 A lot of young children get burns so we are advising they build their stove in a smaller mud and wattle building separate to their home to reduce is difficult to keep burns clean here and dressings not really available.with under 1 yr olds they are kept in their cot with it completely covered in cloth to keep all bugs out but older children cAnt bare to be in the dark this way. One child in the paediatric ward at the moment has burns on his face,chest one leg and one arm .this happened when a candle was knocked over and the mosquito net caught fire.despite no dressings other than Vaseline and gauze his wounds are looking good
These men are mixing cement for our new building for the fashion and tailoring course starting next month which my craft ladies at home have donated toward.

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