Monday, 14 April 2014


Basic patchwork

I am self taught with most crafts with the odd class thrown in from an artisan but most times I find another way of doing what someone else has already done- an easier way. Patchwork today isn't what it was set out as. It made good use of items of household fabrics and clothing that was no longer fit for purpose.Today it can be rather expensive to buy cotton fabrics and people like everything to match.

All colours will go well together providing they have the same tone. If you want to know more about tone you would be best taking up an art class (try Julie Douglas). In years gone by everything was the same tone because of the limited natural dyes available. The fabrics on the bundle on the left are a different colour but have the same tone so work well together. The bundle on the right contains more fabrics with more patterns but again the same tone. However the two bundles would not work well together as they have different tones.

I love to combine appliqué with patchwork and prefer this to be hand stitched. I do machine sew my main patchwork pieces and blocks together. When cutting out the fabric I prefer to use a roller cutting blade and cutting mat as less time consuming and gives a sharper edge so less chance of a dodgy seam. My seams are generally 1cm unlike 1.5cm I use in dress making. If you haven't done patchwork before it's best to start with squares as you wouldn't believe how easy it is to make errors when getting pieces to match up. I could show you many examples because of course I started with a complicated broken arrow pattern- because I liked it!!!! The large quilt below was made as a block a can purchase many block a month kits online from many dealers.

 This one has lots of appliqué and does lend itself to embellishments as well although I didn't add any. I struggled as to what to hang it on and discovered the cheapest and best looking option was the rail. I purchased from IKEA, it was even cheaper than buying a wooden dowel and much more effective. Below is an example of a simple square design for my dog Smudge.

Noah made his second appearance at Coffee&craft today and was as good as gold.

I got as far as cutting out the main pieces for my patchwork hanging as of course there was plenty of chat and a cuppa to be had. Jeanette very enthusiastic about patchwork and keen to use other materials from clothing. I did see a quilt recently made out of various pieces of Jersey fabric which was really cosy.

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