Saturday, 26 April 2014

Moving on to applique- coffee &craft

Everyone is starting to get interested in patchwork at the moment and considering A Christmas wall hanging to try tout some patchwork and appliqué skills.
Hilary made some cute crochet bootees whilst Tracey continued to work on her cross stitch.
I am thoroughly enjoying this wall hanging and decided to appliqué by machine as I usually hand sew. I have learned a lot by doing this especially how important it is to change stitch width depending on the size of the piece- still learning from my mistakes or experiments!!!
I have certainly found the heat bond much easier to use than bond a web but have realised you can over heat it. It is very effective and one press of the iron is adequate.if you over heat it will dry the adhesive and it will come off.
I haven't used embroidery thread and regular thread appears just as effective. I have no stabiliser but the iron on interfacing has worked well so far.

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