Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Patchwork hanging-Completing the front

The main patchwork is generally very quick and instant satisfaction as you see it coming together. The small chequers on this one though were very time consuming and really could have been done much better, but practice makes perfect.
It taught me yet again the importance of accurate cutting and seam widths.
It all looked well but as I put it together some of my strips must have been cut a little narrow which effected the over all chequer effect.
The pattern did request I cut to the full width of the fabric but didn't state the width as a result I had much more than I required so have some chequers to put away for another project!!!
The colours I chose weren't those recommended but they were of similar tones and seem to work well together.
The inner red border did cover up a lot of problems I had with the chequers and then ready for final border
The patchwork is now ready for its appliqué before the backing and batting are applied. Once they are applied I will baste, quilt then bind before it goes on the wall

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