Thursday, 3 April 2014

Update on Brown/Mole genealogy

I had such a wonderful experience this wek visiting a cousin of my dads whom he never knew or her him. She verified a lot of the family research I had gathered and I was able to add to hers. I was so overwhelmed by the fact she had photographs of those whom I had discovered. Above is my great grandfather's brother Jonathan Brown and his wife Sarah Best and their children.

We then went on to explore the family who had gone to Canada which was Jonathan and my great grandfathers sister Clara. It was. Clara who had married Harry Leonard Mole. In 1935 the electoral role shows Clara living with her son and daughter so possible Harry Leonard had died by then although I have found no record. I have since followed the family as far as 1992 when their son Harry Edmund Mole died in Priceville Ontario which has quite a history in itself. He lived in the schoolhouse with his wife Helen Rose. I have been unable to discover her maiden name as yet but I am led to believe she may still be alive in her 90's (as she was quite a bit younger) and maybe in the state of Florida as they also had a home in Hernando. It would be wonderful to find her before she dies but it may all ready be too late.
The photograph above is that of Harry Edmund's sister Ethel May Mole. She didn't marry but I have little information about her other than she survived her 82nd birthday.

Harry Edmund Mole appeared to have spent most of his working life working in the insurance business which is interesting as his uncle Jonathan back over in N.Ireland also became involved in insurance which appears to have increased his income giving him a better lifestyle than he had with the linen industry and when he became a small local shopkeeper.

I continue to try and find Harry Edmund Mole's widow and any other connection to the Brown/e and Mole family in USA and CAnada.

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