Friday, 30 May 2014

Crafting this week

I did have to take a little time for housework this week unfortunately but plenty of time for art and craft. I made a bag for a gift on one of our Coffee&craft sessions and was thankful Julie didn't turn up that evening to watch me make her special birthday gift!!!
Cath Kidston cotton duck dot for the interior and Provence rose oilcloth for exterior personalised embroidered motif on calico.
 Art this week was water colour and we painted some rocks. This was a subject I had done a few years ago but that time it was in colour pencil.
I finished my umbrella holder this week and it's al ready been put to good use.
 I aim to do my old pine bed next and then my dining room table but need to wait until I am on leave and can work on them all day. Two more stools to do when J has shortened the legs for me. He is much more accurate than I am with a regular saw.
 Smudge just loves the ladies coming for coffee and craft and as soon as she hears the kettle on she places herself under the table in the hope of some crumbs!!!
 J's first bird box is almost done so my job to sort out the paintwork effects next.

Craft Crawl in Co.Down

Today the coffee and craft ladies travelled together on a craft crawl. We left Ards our first stop being Tracey Jo Makes (check her out on Facebook). There were eight of us and not everyone had met everyone else before as coffee and craft is fairly random and they come along on different days or evenings. Tracey made us very welcome and Sian brought along some cake so after a chat and a cuppa we browsed items for sale and made a few purchases.
Sharon and Liz trying to decide if the scarves were doable for them
 Tracey gives some advice and encouragement on the project. Looking forward to seeing Liz's finished item. Then we made are way to Killinchy to view some ready made gifts and crafts at the Crafty Fox before stopping in Lisbane at the old post office for lunch.
 Onto Saintfield to Windmill fabrics which has been well extended since I was there last. Home by 1500hrs and a day that had bits and pieces for everyone. Looking forward to the next craft crawl at the end of June st George's market, Paragon,Doris and Jeannie's and lunch out of course before a rummage at Unique Boutique on Milecross Rd in Ards.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

It's been a messy week

I really don't mind mess. Providing I am dressed appropriately and the environment is protected I quite enjoy getting messy. Between stripping paint, painting and waxing, etc it has been a rather messy week. The finished results are great though with no sign of the mess it took to produce them. To finish my garden chairs I have added a cushion. I still have the second chair to complete as it is in the middle of being stripped. I will make gingham covers and tablecloth similar to my large tablecloth.
Grubby boots were the subject in art this week and we got really messy with charcoal. I really enjoyed this session as it's been a while since I did anything in this medium.
 I then turned the boot around and did some work in chalk as there was still time left.
This wasn't just as messy.
It was time to get outdoors for a while. Smudge and Minnie had a ball racing around the boggy land in Craigauntlet. At one point Smudge sunk so far I thought I'd have to fetch her out.
There was a slight drizzle bug not enough to spoil their fun.
 Back home for a shower for Smudge and time for me to do some housework, vacuuming and steaming the floors as I don't plan any more mess for a while

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Becoming addicted to quilting-or just away of using up stash?

Are we becoming addicted to quilting or just feeling guilty about the large stash of fabric we have accumulated and must start to use up. However no matter what you have in your stash you always discover you need to buy a meter or so to match what you have to complete a project.
This little wall hanging the ladies are working on is a great way to use up Christmas scraps, a change from making cushion covers.
Jeannette was modelling a top she had embellished with some beads a few months back. I just live these colours.
I have the main panel of my wall hanging quilted using a random patterned stencil and have just the smaller panels to quilt which shouldn't take too long if I just stuck at it.
I did spend more time this week on my furniture projects with Annie. Sloan paint. I picked up this little box in a junk store for a fiver and thought it would work well as an umbrella pot for my hall.
I had fun playing with it and used the emperor silk paint on it.
I distressed it a little and then felt it needed something more. I left the wax off one panel and then painted a flower in oils on it. It will take an age for it to try but only began using oils and wanted to play with the colours. 
 I googled for ideas and found a peppermint cosmos I liked as the colours worked well with the base colour of the box.
When the paint is dry I will apply the soft wax to this panel and then some dark wax to the whole project. So I wonder what I'll find to play with next or will I get back to using up some of my stash?

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Art updates

No matter what I get up to craft wise in the week I always look forward to my art group on Thursday morning. It used to be the Thursday girls but we have a few men in the class now.

Today we were at the Titanic quarter and had a lesson in the drawing rooms where the Titanicwas designed.
This is facing the front of the building with the titanic building above behind me in the photo. You can see its reflection through the window.
My interpretation of what I could see below
Last week we also looked at tone and I chose a fish cutlery set
I preferred the pencil rather than colour pencil.


Annie Sloan painting

Yesterday was such a beautiful day and so I took advantage of it by working outside. I got so much done as the paint dried so quickly
From this to this was the hardest part of the day. I think I worked every muscle in my body
Today I ordered some foam pads to make the cushions which I hope to do in gingham with some chicken scratch embroidery and a table cloth to match.
The first coat for the bedside table and stool
And then the second coat
With a little distressing
I left the stool looking perfect but hope to do another two stools in red with some distressing
And now that I am hubby with the locker I think I will also do the bed at some point as the paint gave it a new lease of life so should do another 20+years

Friday, 16 May 2014

Up cycling-something new to try

I have always enjoyed paint effects but in relation to my dollhouse and miniature hobby however time to try on a regular scale. My friend Sharon got me very interested in some of the projects she has done and introduced me to Annie Sloan paint. Then my husband rescued two old chairs from going to the dump so my mind started working over time and I paid a vist to Doris and Jeannies on the Belmont Rd.
I eventually got the paint home after a little tumble where it fell out of my bag and started to leak over the street.I rushed to save it covering my hands in old white chalk paint in the process. I then had to flag down a motorbike cyclists to rescue my baby wipes from the care as obviously I couldn't touch anything. I am hoping the project will be easier. I do have a lot of work to do on removing the old paint and rust so have other plans in between. I never was one for doing only one thing at once.
This stool was from an old school science lab so will see what I can do with it and the bedside locker below has had a bit of a rough time of it as well.
Thankfully the weather is good so I am off outside with my wire brush apron and paint. If the weather changes I will return to my quilting indoors.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Working around the home

I prefer indoor work and J prefers outdoor work. Smudge loves to be anywhere that J is. J has decided that the side of the house needed a patio area as it is. Smudges favourite area and yet the little stones he feels are sore on her paws. he also wants to sit outside and watch TV in the summer but I am not sure where the weather will be for that.
I am not totally against the outdoors as love my walks but I don't like to stand or sit still in the climate we have here- I hate draughts. Therefore I prefer my crafts and home decor.
 I am working away on my wall hanging but now that I have started the quilting it is slow work and progress not as obvious. I don't know what other quilters find but there are few nice quilting stencils out there. I am forever seeing lovely ones on finished quilts but no one ever seems to know where you can purchase them.