Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Becoming addicted to quilting-or just away of using up stash?

Are we becoming addicted to quilting or just feeling guilty about the large stash of fabric we have accumulated and must start to use up. However no matter what you have in your stash you always discover you need to buy a meter or so to match what you have to complete a project.
This little wall hanging the ladies are working on is a great way to use up Christmas scraps, a change from making cushion covers.
Jeannette was modelling a top she had embellished with some beads a few months back. I just live these colours.
I have the main panel of my wall hanging quilted using a random patterned stencil and have just the smaller panels to quilt which shouldn't take too long if I just stuck at it.
I did spend more time this week on my furniture projects with Annie. Sloan paint. I picked up this little box in a junk store for a fiver and thought it would work well as an umbrella pot for my hall.
I had fun playing with it and used the emperor silk paint on it.
I distressed it a little and then felt it needed something more. I left the wax off one panel and then painted a flower in oils on it. It will take an age for it to try but only began using oils and wanted to play with the colours. 
 I googled for ideas and found a peppermint cosmos I liked as the colours worked well with the base colour of the box.
When the paint is dry I will apply the soft wax to this panel and then some dark wax to the whole project. So I wonder what I'll find to play with next or will I get back to using up some of my stash?

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