Sunday, 11 May 2014

Coffee and craft become quilting addicts

I had started to work on my to do box as so many projects to clear up. I came acros the wall hanging pattern I bought a number of years ago and when I started it everyone else became very interested.
Liz had attempted cushions in the past but was amazed how quick it was to put a quilt together but then again machining the pieces is the quickest part.
She used a roller cutter and board which I feel is the most efficient way to cut strips and squares and although Sarah was making bunting she decided she might like to make a baby quilt to match
I made Liz's pattern when I saw how much fabric she had so made it up as we went along.this is what she managed in under 3 hours.
My own hanging is now ready to baste for quilting. I added a little embroidery to personalise it. I wonder how the other girls are getting on with their patchwork. I have a notion Carolyn may have finished her snowman wall hanging

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