Thursday, 1 May 2014

I continue to craft as Smudge prefers to take apart!!!

Being on holiday has given me a little more time to dabble in my art and craft. Smudge makes more work for me as she discovers stuffing can come out and it's great fun getting it out!!! I really must sew Lenny the lambs leg back on, maybe this is a hint.

I took a day workshop in oils with Julie Douglas and despite not always being too keen on colour I just loved trying out the oil paints.
And below is my finished pieces for the day.the onions taking most of the day and the pear less than an hour as we had booked for dinner and a ballet I didn't want to run late.
Still working on my quilt hanging and getting used to appliqué by machine.
Lots of baking done this week too so that I could stock the freezer a bit and a few little shopping treats as well as catching up with friends over lunch and getting smudge out on more regular walks

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