Thursday, 22 May 2014

It's been a messy week

I really don't mind mess. Providing I am dressed appropriately and the environment is protected I quite enjoy getting messy. Between stripping paint, painting and waxing, etc it has been a rather messy week. The finished results are great though with no sign of the mess it took to produce them. To finish my garden chairs I have added a cushion. I still have the second chair to complete as it is in the middle of being stripped. I will make gingham covers and tablecloth similar to my large tablecloth.
Grubby boots were the subject in art this week and we got really messy with charcoal. I really enjoyed this session as it's been a while since I did anything in this medium.
 I then turned the boot around and did some work in chalk as there was still time left.
This wasn't just as messy.
It was time to get outdoors for a while. Smudge and Minnie had a ball racing around the boggy land in Craigauntlet. At one point Smudge sunk so far I thought I'd have to fetch her out.
There was a slight drizzle bug not enough to spoil their fun.
 Back home for a shower for Smudge and time for me to do some housework, vacuuming and steaming the floors as I don't plan any more mess for a while

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