Sunday, 11 May 2014

My home seems more like a doggy hotel recently

There is always a lot of coming and going at our home but recently it has been pets not people. Smudge had another friend stay this weekend.
Cha cha lives nearby so is quite familiar with short visits but she was an excellent boarder this weekend and I think Smudge misses the company now she has gone even though she is spoilt and can be jealous.
She is like me as in she enjoys company but also quite happy with her own company. In the summer at one point we will have 3 dogs staying as the Cummings have a new pup called Daisy.
Isn't she adorable and she loves lots of attention and cuddles which we were willing to give.
Smudg of course couldn't understand where she had appeared from as she is usually centre of attention and not that keen to play.
Smudge was making sure she wasn't left out and soon came to realise the new puppy was a novelty and she was at no risk

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