Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Working around the home

I prefer indoor work and J prefers outdoor work. Smudge loves to be anywhere that J is. J has decided that the side of the house needed a patio area as it is. Smudges favourite area and yet the little stones he feels are sore on her paws. he also wants to sit outside and watch TV in the summer but I am not sure where the weather will be for that.
I am not totally against the outdoors as love my walks but I don't like to stand or sit still in the climate we have here- I hate draughts. Therefore I prefer my crafts and home decor.
 I am working away on my wall hanging but now that I have started the quilting it is slow work and progress not as obvious. I don't know what other quilters find but there are few nice quilting stencils out there. I am forever seeing lovely ones on finished quilts but no one ever seems to know where you can purchase them.

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