Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Making the most of the sunshine

I have spent a lot of time outdoors which is unusual for me as I hate the slightest draught. Whilst J prefers to watch TV out doors I can bring out my craft.

However painting as in up cycling I soon discovered was best done inside with the door open as otherwise the paint dried too fast.

started on some garden chairs using Annie Sloan paint and some napkins for decoupaging.
I also continued on my quilted wall hanging and the ladies continued wit heir various projects.
Extra sessions of coffee and craft this week as Sian planned an antique quilt, wendy made some thank you cards and Carolyn did some quilting. 

We also had Julie working on a crochet shawl for when the days get cooler again

Linda brought the sunshine

A friend came to visit from England the same time as the sunshine. It was great to get out and about. Some days we had breakfast lunch and tea in the garden.

Miss K also enjoyed a picnic with Linda.

The coffee and craft ladies also got to meet Linda during the week

Sunday, 15 June 2014

World Cup patio

J has worked hard in converting the side garden into a little courtyard just in time for the World Cup. As you will have seen he laid the patio with the help of his brother and the two of us pointed the slate between us. 

smudge just loves it. It does have quite a character but I may spend a bit more time in it when the stove is added.

Smudge at Tyrella


It's years since I was on Tyrella beach probably more than 30. We generally take Smudge to Murkough and then into Newcastle.
On our stroll Smudge met another Westie

She loves to race around, paddle in the sea and roll on the seaweed. She generally tries to get as dirty as possible.
Then onto Newcastle for some ice cream her favourite treat.
Exhausting day quite happy to have a nap whilst we had a meal in our favourite restaurant in Newcastle-Vanilla. I recommend the squid and beef salad

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Still time to squeeze in some indoor crafting

mum and Kenny catch up in Ards

With the good weather I am more encouraged to be out and about but some things still need done indoors.

an item finished to raise funds for Kiwoko

letter rack bought for 50p at church fete ideal to display some cards on for sale

I do have to get caught up on scrapbooking and cardmaking but at the moment only the necessities for gifts,etc

below is my attempt at sketching the Tasmanian wolf at the Ulster Museum this week

Time to work in the garden

the idea starts to become real


Smudge supervising

J had great plans for the side garden in preparation for the world cup when he hopes the weather will be mild and he can spend time outside watching the games.

 I gave him a hand with pointing the patio and some painting whilst Smudge was quite content to be outside with us both.

By tomorrow evening the fireplace will be built in the corner and then maybe when there is heat I will attempt to sit out. 

 The weather has been so good it has allowed me to complete projects outside woth excellent drying for painting projects.






J's birdhouse is now between the windows of the extension.

And now for mums garden.


I didnt inherit her gardening abilities but fortunately J has quite a bit of gardening know how.