Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Coffee and craft- indoors and on the move

We have had a busy week with two coffee and craft sessions and a craft crawl. Lots going on with the ladies using new ideas for old materials.

Jeanette has been doing some embroidery which is similar to that which was used on the old fire screens, pole screens and chair backs. Making up her own designs which to me fit well with that era but yet so tasteful for today.

Hilary has crocheted some lovely blankets for our Kiwoko stall.

Our craft crawl took us to Belfast this month starting with paragon on Donegal pass which has excellent fabrics at excellent prices.
Then onto St George's market where I met up with Danielle Morgan one of my art friends whose trade name is flax fox. I bought some tea towels similar to what the Queen purchased from her on Tuesday.check out her site, she is a wonderful artist with her own unique style.

We did some bargain hunting amongst charity and second hand shops, lunch in Bennets on the Belmont road and a visit to Doris and Jeannies for some more chalk paint.
We also had time for a cuppa on the Belmont rd before heading toward Ards for a browse around Unique boutique on Milecross rd. We had a wonderful outing and look forward to next months craft crawl. Our heads are bursting with ideas but will we ever find the time to put them all into action.

This weeks art focused on pencil and some used colour pencil.i thought I'd keep the colour to the colour pencil workshop at the end of July.i was holding my container of soya milk then realised when it was coffe time I had to extract it and keep my hand in the same position as I continued to sketch!!! Didn't think that one out too well

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