Saturday, 19 July 2014

It's a dog's life

We offered to dog sit our friends new caversion puppy and another friends cocker spaniel one for one week and the other for 2 weeks with one week overlap when we would have 3 dogs!!!
I soon got used to walking with three leads rather than one and they got used to walking with each other. Smudge started to feel less threatened despite Daisy the puppy jumping over her to get attention first and Minnie gave her the respect of top dog.
They soon learned that 3pm was nap time and I wasn't to be disturbed so it was best to join in.
They picked up very quickly that where the treats were kept for after a walk.
However as time went by I realised I was allergic to Daisy's long hair and I had to get anti histamine sand eye drops and spent a little less time with her. In the evening Daisy and Smudge loved to play tug of war.
Then Daisy liked to curl up with Minnie for a while before their evening walk.
They were all very bright and breezy by 0700hrs if not before !!!
We had some time out to visit a friends and their dog Pebble.
And cha cha came to visit us and the girls.

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