Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A funfilled day for the girls-sewing,sewing and more sewing

Another early morning thanks to Miss Daisy who doesn't seem the need for her beauty sleep and barks on the dot at 0700hrs. Poppy and Lucy spent another enjoyable morning at kid zone and came home with the cutest little snails made from jumping clay. Anna worked on her handbag and I managed to sew tape on four curtains and start the hand sewing.
It's a year since Anna had used the sewing machine but didn't take her long to get back into it.
After lunch all three girls started some hand sewing. Anna and Lucy were cross stitching and Poppy some long stitch. Neither Poppy or Lucy had done this before but I only had to show them once and they were flying.
The concentration was unbelievable I don't think I have ever heard them so quiet. Poppy couldn't wait to get back to her sewing after tea.
Off then to movieland in Ards to see "Pudsey" thoroughly enjoyed by all including myself.
The popcorn wasn't too filling as we joined J directly after for KFC.

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