Sunday, 3 August 2014

Alfresco Art

I have been taking art classes for 3 years now even though I had only intended to do a 6 week course as I like to try all sorts of craft. However I discovered in a very short time I could draw which was quite a surprise.

Despite being terrified with colour before I knew it my tutor had me dabbling in water colour, colour pencil and oil not to mention charcoal and pastels. I love it all and some days some things appeal to me more than others. I decided due to the creative peninsula week I would try some other things and having no clue what alfresco art was about thought I
' d give it a go.

I had such a wonderful afternoon but not in the way I do with my usual classes. The tutor was obviously very talented, had a wonderful imagination and a lot of skill but this art to me was more like Absolute. Recreational. Trash. There was a student who was quite quiet like myself just doing what we were told which my own tutor would probably have found amusing in itself. There were two more mature ladies who constantly spoke in what I imagine was 'modern arty jargon'. they were rather polite, extremely enthusiastic but I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. I am not sure if the tutor did but she appeared to nod at the right time. However this is probably a skill acquired by most tutors to help their students have some confidence and self esteem.

We started out by scoring our paper with knives and pins to give texture and then played with some mediums such as charcoal and water soluble inks. It was fun to play and I am sure Miss K would have thoroughly enjoyed making a mess as much as I did.i had my baby wipes so I left quite respectable. Now we did do some drawing but if you are reading this Julie Douglas just close your ears now!! We were given some line drawings to do step by step which the other students obediently copied each step. However I was becoming a little rebellious at this point and drew the whole thing in less than 2 minutes. After our practice we repeated these on the backgrounds made.

The result is what you see some scribbling with a hint of dog. The tutor was very complimentary and I smiled sweetly and thanked her with the others. I laughed the whole way back to the car, really made my day. It's great to experience many things even if it's just to discover you won't go there again. Roll on my attempt at landscape!!!

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