Friday, 29 August 2014

End of Summer

Trying to get out and make the most of the weather we have left and getting cleared up with all the chores around the house at the same time.
One of our favourite places being Killynether wood.smudge gets the chance to be off the lead and rummage around in the leaves.
I did prepare some embossing pieces for the scrapbooking class next week but my main project this week was to complete our bedroom curtains.
Smudge admiring the new curtains waiting for their tie backs.
Sian was working on little face cloth puppies this week and Hilary completed her pattern for the little crochet cradle that curls into a pouch.
Smudge stayed close to Sian knowing there would be something to gain, as there is never craft without coffee and never. Offer without a bite to eat
Coffee and craft funds this month for Kiwoko came to £30.50 thank you to everyone who donated.

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