Thursday, 14 August 2014

Mid week already

The girls are really enjoying Kidzone so we left them off first thing and rather than rushing home to sew Anna and I decided to treat ourselves to a little shopping.

Poppy and Lucy had made some cool bracelets this morning.

Anna worked on her hand bag getting the main bag made and the lining just ready to put the two together.

Busy afternoon with fun at Aurora where I relaxed doing some crochet as they splashed around.

Then off to Bangor library to exchange some books before tea time. Minor injury for Poppy in the garden but thankfully no need to visit Aa&E.

Both dogs have been having fun too with a little tug of war and the girls have been great at taking them on their walks

More craft for all three girls in the evening.

Poppy and Lucy watched a movie in bed"mar adult" and Anna joined us to watch "The boy in striped pyjamas"

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