Monday, 11 August 2014

The Girls are here 2014

Sunday evening was settling in time. I barely saw Poppy and Lucy but I guess they had lots to catch up on from last year they are such pals. They did some craft in their room making cards and decorating their bags.
Today was the first day at kid zone for Lucy and Poppy so after we had dropped them off Anna and I did some errands then it was Starbucks time. Back at home we had our Starbucks coffee before starting Anna's sewing project. She made a pretty personalised patchwork cushion last year and this year she is making a bag. Whatever will it be next year!!
The other two girls Smudge and Daisy enjoyed running in and out and then napping between fits of excitement.
  After lunch it was craft time for all three girls and they had great fun beading.Poppy definitely found her skills here, despite being the youngest she sped ahead.
  Gorgeous butterfly rings. Now time for some exercise.
And off to Killynether we go. It was cool enlightenment to walk but still some sunshine and we managed to avoid the rain.
Quick visit to Ards library before tea. Then Poppy decided to make a necklace to match her ring.

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