Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A week in the middle of nowhere

Angela's cottage is as perfect as I thought it would be. Apart from a few homes in neighbouring fields we are about 15 miles from any other life. It's so peaceful and at night no sign of light but the stars above. You would think I had donee nought walking today but decided to walk up to the ridge behind the house this evening before I made supper. Smudge was exhausted so she stayed in the back garden looking at me as if I were mad.
Through the gate which keeps the sheep off the property you could just see the sum going down between the clouds as I looked back when I walked.
You can see the owners home to the left which is down the lane and two gates away which I have to open and close every time we leave or return to the cottage which again is to control where the sheep go.
You can just see the chimney of the cottage from the ridge

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