Tuesday, 9 September 2014

An Irish Country Cottage tea cosy

I remembered my mum having a tea cosy of an Irish cottage. It was in pretty bad shape but probably took a lot to decide to dispose of it as it had been passed down a few generations. I do remember the roof felt thatch like and although the flowers and other embellishments were embroidered there was some sort of plastic on the windows which had been melted by heat and the thatch was scorched in places. I guess that was down to the fact in those days the tea pot brewed on the stove for a while..yuck! I have seen modern ones recently made by the likes of Cath Kidston but they don't have that handmade look.

I happened to mention this cosy to my friend Sian who has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to historical craft and she came up with this old pattern of her mums. There are very in depth instructions on the transfer of pattern for the embroidery and which colours of Clarkes  floss to use. Can you still get Clarkes I am not sure but I do have a few strands. Not to worry though as I will alter the colours to suit my stash.

There is a lot of felt on this pattern which I may not necessarily use as not a great lover of felt, not the manufactured acrylic type anyway, best kept for kids to play with. I had a look at the basic pattern pieces and decided  the seam allowance was not included otherwise it would be tiny and all the embroidery wouldn't fit. I also decided I did nt want a brown felt roof so into my fabric stash and this is what I found.i feel the pattern has a thatch like look even if it doesn't have the texture and mire washable if need be. The explanation on how to attach the roof was non existent but did mention strips for eaves, not to worry anyway because at this point I have altered the pieces already. I rarely make the same thing twice as I am forever altering patterns as I go along.

I used some batting to thicken the layers and both the lining and main cosy are made in calico to make it a but sturdy.

By the time I finish this it may not resemble the above picture in any shape or form and may not even be a tea cosy any more so KEEP WATCHING MORE TO FOLLOW.

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