Wednesday, 3 September 2014

How long does it last?

Many new beginnings for folk at the moment not unlike the new year. Facebook is full of pictures of kids starting school for the first time and proud mummy's displaying their photos. Standing with nice new uniforms and neatly combed and braided hair in some cases. How long does it last? Do you remember start of a new school term the first page of a new text book with perfectly neat handwriting that we promised to maintain but how long did it last?

We have started a new term with our Precept Bible studies and one of our groups is Genesis part 1. Again another beginning, the beginning of this world and mankind, God's creation, God's perfect creation but how long did it last? My other group are studying Jude which is almost at the end of the New Testament which portrays a very different story, because of man's sinful nature nothing does we are warned about what has gone wrong and what to expect from the consequences of man's sin.

Before the end of term the uniforms won't look so crisp and fresh the hairdos won't be so perfect but they will be accepted none the less. When sin crept into the world right at the beginning of Genesis it grew and grew until the world accepted it. If we don't study Gods word it will be very difficult to know right from wrong as the world has accepted so many conditions, attitudes and behaviours. The world strives in the wrong direction and because of this we are seeing the consequences. There are many signs of end times and the world will not last forever as God has said he will destroy all, all but those who have asked for forgiveness and decided to follow him, so keep in mind that nothing lasts apart from God's promises.
Scrapbooking recommended at number 55 this week too with a full group of ladies. Unfortunately we cannot do this in a regular coffee and craft session as it takes up too much space. We had a wonderful morning scrapping and. The ladies getting to know each other for the first time and of course there was cake and coffee too.

Looking forward to more fun next month.

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