Sunday, 21 September 2014


Today we didn't rise too early as we were only going to be in and around Kenmare. This is the perfect holiday for a dog but today things didn't run just as smoothly for Smudge. We went to Reenagross park for a walk before lunch.
We found a beautiful patisserie on the road out of Kenmare heading round the ring off Kerry. A French owner selling some beautiful French pastries so a few purchases made. I chose a chestnut and almond meringue cake and J a very unusual looking Brownie with nuts and chocolate on top.
I bought some gifts in Kenmare and we were home for tea.the weather is so mild I studied outside and J had wandered off. In his absence I discovered Smudge had picked up a tick behind her ear so minor surgery with my tweezers and I managed to get it out whole...yuck! 
J had gone out on the mountain ridge behind but left the gate open so after sometime we went to look as we heard a call in the distance. I didn't take a photo as he had gone to the top and was barely a pin point. However Smudge raced up toward the ridge with me following when I realised there were sheep nearby. I had a mini panic when she started to chase a few sheep as I had visions of the farmer appearing, gun in hand. I managed to get her to stop by telling her we had to find her dad....phew such a relief. However not very easy climbing down a mountain carrying a dog as I was terrified to let go of her as still other sheep nearby.

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